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Celebration is powerful. Build a new community around your brand by becoming a part of the everyday, in-person moments of your target audience. The era of online influencers is coming to an end — let’s skyrocket your brand offline.

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Summer Picnic
Brooklyn, NY
20 Attendees
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Yoga House
Pelham Resort
150 Attendees
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Career Coaching Panel
Manhattan, NY
100 Attendees

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Why Brands Choose Rue

Rue is the only marketplace that connects emerging brands and event hosts IRL, helping brands exponentiate their reach in the communities they care about. Source, secure, and track all of your event partnerships in one place.

Reach New Customers Daily

Educate thousands of event hosts on Rue about your brand by highlighting your product, mission, and values.

Streamline All Your Requests

Simplify your communication by centralizing all your requests and messages with event hosts.

Discover Exclusive Opportunities

Find and connect with event hosts who organize valuable, intimate events for powerful brand exposure.

Save Time, Money, and People

Spend less time staffing and tracking events and more time growing your brand organically by relying on Rue’s trusted event hosts and their communities.

Receive Authentic Insights

Connect with event hosts who can provide you with real post-event feedback and deliverables that boost your brand even further.

Automate Your Experiential Marketing

Partner with events across your target geographies in seconds, and gain valuable data on each partnership, helping you refine future collaborations.

How it works

How Rue works for brand: step 1

List Your Brand and Product Profiles

Create detailed profiles for your brand and products, showcasing what makes you unique and appealing to event hosts.
How Rue works for brand: step 2

Discover events with your target audience

Explore a wide range of events within the Rue platform, continually expanding your brand's reach and impact.
How Rue works for brand: step 3

Match With Events

Find the perfect events that align with your brand's goals and audience, ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership.
How Rue works for brand: step 4

Immediate Feedback from Hosts

Gain valuable insights by reviewing user-generated content and feedback from event attendees, helping you refine your marketing strategies.
How Rue works for brand: step 5

Manage Inbound Requests with Ease

Utilize a dedicated branded link to effortlessly handle inbound sponsorship requests from various channels, including email and Instagram.