your FUTURE LOYAL customers aren't at trade shows and RANDOM store samplings. they're PARTYING at cool events with friends. At rue, we know that the best way for you to create a community around your brand is to meet them where they're at: HOUSE-WARMINGS, Birthday parties, dinner parties, bbqs…

How we work for brands

Create a brand profile on our platform where you can specify your brand goals, your target audience, your product, and other details. Browse through all our events and choose where you want your product to party in exchange for asks like qualitative surveys and social media posts from the host. Leave the rest to us. Rue guarantees the show goes on and ensures hosts fulfill your asks!

How we work for party hosts

Create a host profile on our platform. Submit any upcoming parties you're throwing, give us the rough deets, and tell us what products you're looking to have sponsored. Browse through all our brands and choose which products make you feel unique. Leave the rest to us. Rue will coordinate those brand sponsorships for you so you can focus on the more important stuff!

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